For the Checklist App to work on your site, you must first install it with a few basic steps. Here, these steps are detailed to help you easily install your Checklist on your site.

Step 1: Autonumber checklist

First, apply autonumbering to the checklist category. To do this, go to the Site Manager > Autonumbering of pages > +add autonumbering. Then create the checklist category.


Step 2: Create checklist:_template

Create the page checklist:_template on your site. Put this code on the page:

[[include :checklist-app:template]]

Use the form below to access this page.

Note: The checklist will not appear on this page! See Step 4 for how to reveal the checklist.

Step 3: Import CSS

This is the most difficult step. This will give your checklist table a format to go by. In your site's CSS, place the following code:

@import url(;

You can do this by accessing the Site Manager. Go to Site Manager > Appearance > Custom Themes and create a theme or add to the one being used. Make sure to apply the theme by going to > Themes.

There is an easier method as an alternative to the above. This will be shown on the next step.

Step 4: Reveal the Checklist

To make the actual checklist appear, make a checklist page or any page you want the checklist to be on. Then place the following code:

[[include :checklist-app:checklist]]

Use the form below to create the page.

NOTE: If you place this code on a page other than checklist, then you will need to specify the destination in the checklist:_template. See Template.

If you chose the alternative method in Step 3, place this code on the page in addition to the one above:

[[module CSS]]
@import url(;

This code would be needed on every page with the checklist module.

Step 5: Time to Add Items

Finally, you need to be able to add list items. Place the following code anywhere:

[[include :checklist-app:link]]

It is recommended that this be placed on the same page as the include in Step 4, presumably the checklist page. This will create the link that will allow you to add items to your Checklist. You may add more than one of these to your site.

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