This page tracks the history of the Checklist Application showing improvements made over time.

Date Description
06 May 2013 Made .checklist-item p's margin property have priority over other CSS definitions.
31 Aug 2012 Added hover rule to .checkButton class making background colors transparent.
03 Aug 2012 Custom category support implemented.
07 Jan 2012 Added alternate row colors.
06 Jan 2012 With the advent of selecting Form Data with ListPages (thanks Wikidot!), the checklist app was completely revamped to take control of the awesome new feature. Now it works better than before! Also, added a date column and Trivial priority setting.
28 May 2011 Discovered that a core aspect of the site no longer works.
26 October 2010 Minor Update. Column titles can now be customized, except for the first column.
02 August 2010 Minor Update. Text added to template-backend to clarify confirmation process. Documentation also updated.
02 August 2010 Checklist App formally released to the public.
02 August 2010 Minor Fix. Small CSS bug fixed in template-backend.
01 August 2010 Checklist App module is completed.
25 July 2010 Project is started by Timothy Foster.
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